If ever there was a pairing more perfect or written in the stars than COSMIC PSYCHOS and PIST IDIOTS, we’d like to see it. Synonymous in name and naughtiness, the Psychos will take the ever-exciting Idiots on tour with them this October/November, storming through six East Cost locations on the one lap.

Following the release of their album Loudmouth Soup and subsequent 30-date national tour in April, the band that shaped the slacker rock landscape as we know it aren’t slowing down any time soon. The Cosmic Psychos visit Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Belgrave and Frankston on this particular dalliance, and as always have hand-picked some of the finest and FUNNEST bands out to join them on stage.

Four childhood mates from West Sydney, Pist Idiots signed up for a Battle Of The Bands as a gag but later conceived a fully fledged, vaguely functioning rock band in their garage. They’ve since toured with some of Ausrock’s best bands. Ute Root have been doing burnouts in their native Melbourne for a while, but are ready to bring their junkrock anthem Ketamine Queen to the masses already. Armed with 70s sass and a fire in their bellies, they round out a ripper run that shouldn’t be missed.

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